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Product Code GG1507A
Weight 0.500Kg

  • 655 metallic spot colors, each displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations

彩通平面設計系統 [Pantone Graphics System] 推出印刷與包裝用 655 種金屬色彩的完整系列,內含 54 種貼近流行與市場的新色彩,加上一款新的玫瑰金基礎油墨。彩通金屬色提供有經濟效益的色彩選擇,便於使用、指定及強化,以產生華麗與動感的效果。指南內含塗層選項,供快速參考數種加強金屬色效果的方法,以符合專案需求。彩通色彩品質優異,足以信賴,不論何處均可購得。適用於包裝、商標、品牌、海報標誌及行銷材料。

  • Portable, handheld fan deck
  • Printed on the most commonly used coated paper stock weight (100 lb)
  • 54 new trend- and market-relevant packaging colors just added, including a new Rose Gold base ink
  • Complete collection of impactful and refined metallic colors for creating noticeable designs
  • 354 high-luster, durable Packaging Metallic and 301 traditional Metallic Spot Colors
  • Color examples shown with gloss aqueous and specialty coatings
  • Each color displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations
  • Colors arranged chromatically, with index at the back of guide indicating color locations